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Sell Variety of product Brands to USA buyers in one store

Get as many brands as possible across to your customers in one store.

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Why Do I Need An Amazon Store?

Having an Amazon store gives you the ability to showcase variety of brands in one store. This enables you to sell even products with different brand names. One of the key advantages of this store is that it allows you to freely sell products from other manufacturers.

Let Me Show You What We Do For You

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Account Opening

Whether you sell as FBA or FBM, opening a Seller Account is key to selling on Amazon. This requires verifying the legitimacy of a company with a registered VAT number, and verifying the main user for the account. We will assist you in gathering all required documentation and process your account opening.

Product Listing

Listing product wrongly on Amazon can cause a black listing, it can also slow down your overall sales on the platform. We ensure we follow all policies and requirements to ensure products are not black listed or removed from the catelogue.

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Product Video & Photography

One of the key secrets to boost your sales and easily attract USA buyers is to have a high standard and catchy brand images and videos. This helps you to stand out among many competitors and give you an edge among your product category.

Copy Writing & Key word Research

Selling on Amazon can be very complex and frustrating when you list your product with the wrong keywords and poor product copywriting. Our team of professionals will help you with all the right keywords and copies needed to help you rank on first page and drive massive sales in your product category.

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Get  An Amazon Store, Sell Divers Brands To Millions of Buyers in uSA

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The Right Keywords To Get The Right Visibility And Sales



Everything You Need To  Sell Your Products In The USA and Earn In $$$…

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Amazon Complete Set Up  Branded Store

Own a customized branded store on Amazon where you can sell varieties of your product.

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Amazon Complete Set Up  Non-Branded Store

Here you can sell multiple products with different brand and make more money in dollars.

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Amazon Product Listing Branded Store

Listing your product on your store can be quite complex. Our Amazon expert will help you out in few days

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Amazon Product Listing Non-Branded Store

Here we list your product on your non-branded store so you can easily start selling and earn in $$


Amazon Account Management 

Amazon account management is very complex. Our team of experts will help you manage your account and keep you profitably earning $$

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Product Warehousing In The USA

Our US warehouses in Houston and Atlanta saves you almost 90% on shipping cost and gets your products quickly to your buyers.


Complete Amazon Account Audit

A good audit will help you stay on track of your Amazon business. We will audit your account and give you expertise recommendations.


Exclusive One-on-One Consultation

This exclusive session will answer every question you have on exporting and selling in the USA

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Complete Amazon PPC Advert Setup

Setting up Amazon ads can be quite complex. Our expert will help you set up your ads so you make more sales.

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Amazon PPC Advert Monitoring 

Amazon ads needs very close monitoring to be effective and this might cause issue if its not done by an expert.

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Amazon Copywriting

We give you an effective amazon copyright in line with amazon protocols, which boost your sales

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Amazon Photography

We create product images that attract buyers and make your product stand out on Amazon 

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Amazon Product Videography

Product videos is key to making good sales on Amazon. We will create a sales video to boost your Amazon sales

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Product Label Design

Your product label says a lot about your product. Our branding expert will rebrand your product quickly attract buyers on Amazon

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Complete Amazon Price Analysis

 With this analysis, we come up with the lowest competitive price at which you will sell out fast and make profit.

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USA Trademark Filling

We help you get a trademark for your company in the USA. This will help you establish a strong brand presence in the USA market

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USA Company Registration & Bank Opening

Expand your company to the USA within a short while. We will help you with all you need to achieve this within a short while

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FDA Food Facility Registration

If you are into food or cosmetic products, this is very important for you to sell in the USA. Get it easily at a very discounted price 

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