Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By proceeding to make payment, you confirm that you agree to the following Terms 

This service seeks to aid clients to determine the financial viability of their product. The following Terms apply to the Profitability Analysis Service:

Analysis Form Completion and Sample Submission
The profitability analysis aims to provide the Client with a clear understanding of their product’s potential financial performance and profitability.

The Client is required to complete an analysis form provided by EAS. This form captures relevant information about the client’s product, its costs, revenue streams, and other essential details. Providing accurate information in the analysis form is of utmost importance. It ensures that the subsequent analysis conducted by EAS is based on reliable data, leading to accurate and valuable insights.
In addition to completing the analysis form, the Client must provide a product sample or image representation of their product to EAS. This allows EAS to visually assess the product and gain a better understanding of its features, branding and other visual elements that may impact profitability.

Analysis Completion
EAS aims to efficiently process the information provided by the Client to conduct a comprehensive analysis and tailor recommendations and insights to Client’s specific situation. Within the designated timeframe, EAS utilizes industry-standard methodologies, financial models, and analytical tools to conduct a thorough assessment of the product’s profitability. This ensures accurate calculations and reliable insights.
EAS commits to completing the product profitability analysis within 3-5 business days after the Client provides all the required information.

Product Profitability Analysis Review
Upon completion of the analysis, EAS will schedule a 30 minute call with the Client to discuss the findings, insights on profitability and outline the next steps. This serves as an opportunity for interactive communication where EAS shares the key findings of the analysis as well as potential areas for improvement. During this session, the Client may ask questions, seek clarification and provide additional context that may further inform the analysis. This approach ensures that the analysis and subsequent recommendations are aligned with the Client’s objectives and specific business circumstances.
The Client is entitled to one analysis for each product they wish to evaluate. Clients are encouraged to communicate all their concerns and inquiries in a timely manner during the single review process. This allows EAS to address any areas of uncertainty or provide clarification promptly, ensuring a productive analysis process.

Non-Refundable Payment
Client agrees that once payment is made for the product profitability analysis services, no refunds of payment shall be made. Client acknowledges and accepts that the payment, once made, immediately covers various expenses directly associated with conducting the product profitability analysis, including the time and expertise of the analysts, data collection and analysis, specialized software and tools and any other resources utilized to deliver a thorough and comprehensive analysis. Clients are encouraged to communicate openly with EAS, address any concerns or seek clarification regarding the analysis process before making payment.

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