Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By proceeding to make payment, you confirm that you agree to the following Terms 

The following terms outline the conditions under which label design services will be provided by EAS:

Client Label Design Template
Clients are required to complete and submit an accurate customer Label Design template form to EAS. This form serves as a detailed guideline for desired label design, including specifications such as dimensions, colors, text content, and any specific branding elements.

Clients have the option to provide their own design samples if they want certain elements or styles incorporated into their label design. These samples act as a visual reference for the design team to understand the desired aesthetics.

Product Sample Submission
Client shall, within a maximum of 3 days from request, submit to EAS a sample of their product(s) for the Label Design process. Timely submission of product samples is crucial to ensure the project progresses smoothly and stays on schedule. Failure to submit the product(s) to EAS as requested may result in rescheduling the project at the discretion of EAS.

In consideration of the logistics involved in shipping products internationally, Clients sending samples of their products from outside Nigeria are allowed a timeframe of 2 weeks to send their product samples to EAS. Failure to submit the product(s) to EAS as requested may result in rescheduling the project at the discretion of EAS.

Label Design Completion
Upon receiving the Client’s product sample as requested, EAS will initiate the label design process. EAS shall aim to complete the label design process efficiently and promptly and revert to the Client within 3 business days after receiving the Client’s product sample.

Label Design Review
The Client is entitled to 2 reviews per label design project. This allows the Client to assess the draft and provide feedback for possible changes or improvements. Upon receiving the draft, the client should thoroughly review it within 24 hours and promptly communicate any corrections or modifications they would like to make to EAS within the 24-hour timeframe.

If the Client does not provide any corrections or feedback within the specified 24-hour timeframe, EAS will proceed with the draft design as the final version.

Non-Refundable Payment

By engaging EAS for the label design service and making the payment, the Client acknowledges and accepts the non-refundable nature of the payment. EAS commits to utilizing the received payment to allocate resources, including design tools, expertise, and administrative costs to fulfill the label design service. Clients are advised to carefully review the details of the label design service and ensure they are satisfied before making any payments.

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