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You Have Received An Email From Calendly With The Details And Link For Your Session

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Here is what we need from you to make this quick and smooth:

  • ​​A link will be sent to in the next 10-15 mins from Calendly, containing the goggle link and time for your session. Be sure you get this email. If you do not see this email, kindly check all your email folders including spam filters then reach out to us.
  • ​Use the link sent in the email to join the session, at your scheduled time
  • ​ ​Since its a video consultation be sure to have the product, you want to sell available, so we see it during the consultation
  • ​ ​Be sure to be in an area with a good internet signal so we will have no issues with the video connection. ​
  • ​We will stick to the allocated time to serve as many companies as possible so be sure you are ready at the exact time for the event.

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