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How To Find Profitable Buyers And Have Wholesale & Retail Distributors All Over The USA, Using A Multi-channel Sales System

without having issues shipping to USA or knowing tons of export rules

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  • Profitable Products To Export and Make Huge Sales In The USA
  • ​​ Proven Secrets To Finding Dollar-Paying Buyers
  • ​​ The Secrets To Stress Free Exporting To The USA

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Find Out...Key Secrets To Sell Huge All Over The USA

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SECRET #1: The Multi-Channel Sales Solution

Here, I show you quickly grow your export business by finding profitable buyers in USA using 6 key sales channels including selling on Amazon without wasting any more time and money on trainings and conferences that yield no results. You will discover the key export secrets that works for other successful exporter earning up to $1000 monthly


SECRET #2: Dealing With Export Contracts

Knowing the things to look out for in your export contract can save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary costs. Here will show you a professional way to draft an export contract that will be favorable to your business so you avoid losing your money or having your products seized.


SECRSECRET #3: Seamless Shipping To Wealth

We will examine everything you need to cost-effectively ship/transfer your products from anywhere in Africa to the USA without stress or customs issues. I will show you how to reduce your shipping and clearing costs and the warehousing method that will enable you to attend to your customers optimally.


SECRET #4: Product Market Fit For Maximum Profit

We will show you how to tweak your product to meet every US specification and stand out in the international market. You will get to figure out the best branding and packaging practices that will boost your sales even without hiring a branding expert.


  • You are tired of earning in a local currency and wants to expand your business
  • ​​You have tried to sell in the international market but failed
  • ​​You have exported your products to the USA but have issues with US customs
  • ​​Your business is running at loss because you can't meet up with your targeted sales
  • ​​Going to numerous export trainings, yet have not been able to break into the export market

We Know You Have An Exportable Product, But Getting Buyers For Your Product Has Been Your Biggest Issue

We Have Just What You Need To Sell Out Your Products In The USA

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Meet The Host


For 11 years l was the CEO (9th Feb 2009, to Dec 31st, 2020) of American AirSea Cargo, where l oversaw the shipping of over 2,000,000 products from the USA to Africa, and Africa to the USA, while serving over 150,000 customers. I took the company from 1 employee to over 70 employees in USA and Africa combined.

I have so far trained over 1,500 African businesses on how to export stress-free to the USA and sell their products on multiple channels in the USA, including Amazon. I have trained numerous companies on behalf of the Nigerian Government and teach at seminars for the Lagos Business School where l show companies how to tap into a multi-channel sales system in the USA.

I hold a B.Eng from the University of Benin, an MSc from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, as well as numerous certifications from courses at Harvard Business School, MIT, IATA, and other institutions.

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